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Create discounts or perks for ( Membership V2)
Create discounts or perks for ( Membership V2)
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In this article, we'll explore the intricate process of crafting perks tailored specifically for membership programs.

Here are the steps to create perks for membership:

Step 1. Go to Membership v2 > Membership plans

Note - Ensure that you have already created the plan.

Step 2. Click on Membership perks

Step 3. Click on Add membership perk.

Step 4. Please fill in the details below and click on "Create Discount". Afterward, proceed to click on "Save Perk".

Note: Discount ID will be automatically generated after clicking on Create discount​

You have three options, which are the following:

a) You can create Percent off - This will provide discounts to customers in percentages.

b) You can create Amount off - This will give discounts in currency.

c) You can create Free Shipping - This will offer for Free Shipping on the billing amount.


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