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Remind Customers To Enter Their Date Of Birth
Remind Customers To Enter Their Date Of Birth
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Use this automation to quickly remind your customers to enter their date of birth.

Here's a quick 4-minute video to remind customers to enter their birth date

Step 1: Go to the Customers, and click on Add filter.

Step 2: In the filter selection panel, find the filter for birthday under 'Customer' and select the same.

Step 3: Select the 'is empty' option and then apply the filter to create your segment of customers who do not have a birthday entered.

Step 4: Save your segment and give it a name.

Step 5: Now head over to Workflow Automation>WorkFlows> Create

Step 6: Create a workflow as shown below by dragging and dropping a trigger, a filter, and an action.

Step 7. Make your settings, choose your throttling options, click save and turn on your workflow.


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