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Setup Product Cross Sell Workflow
Setup Product Cross Sell Workflow
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Use this pre created workflow to cross sell your prouducts with minimal manual intervention!

Follow below steps to setup product cross sell workflow:

Step 2. Go to Winback tab and Click on the Use Now button beneath the Product Cross Sell box.

Step 3. A popup will appear asking for confirmation. Confirm and proceed.

Step 4. This workflow basically sends an email to everyone whose order has been marked as fulfilled showing them other products they can buy / your bestsellers thereby increasing the cross sell and engagement rate.

Step 5. Make your settings for delay by clicking on the delay box, for email by clicking on the email box and remember to choose your throttling options. Click save and turn on your workflow.

Note📝: You can edit the default messages by clicking on the message name. By clicking on the email action box you can choose other email options as well.


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