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How To Integrate Klaviyo With Form Builder App?
How To Integrate Klaviyo With Form Builder App?
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Klaviyo is an email marketing platform created for online businesses featuring powerful email and SMS marketing automation. With Klaviyo, you can start sending personal, targeted email communications.

Form Builder can be integrated with Klaviyo. After successful integration, the user’s email address will be synced with your Klaviyo list after submissions which can be used for email marketing.

Follow the steps for guidance –

Step 1. Log in to your Shopify store and navigate to Apps > Form Builder.

Step 2. Create or edit a custom form.

Step 3. Navigate to Form Settings -> Integration -> Klaviyo

Step 4. Toggle button to Enable it.

Step 5. Login to your Klaviyo account and copy your Klaviyo API Key. Click here to get Klaviyo API Key.

Step 6. Copy the key and paste it to the Klaviyo API Key field.

Step 7. Click on the refresh icon, and select Klaviyo List from the dropdown.

Step 8. Click the Save button.

Please Make sure if you are following the below steps for connecting the Klayviyo API -

These steps Must follow to setup Klaviyo in Form builder and Get the API key

  1. While creating API Key, you need to give full access like this

  1. At form builder you must need to select correct list name from the list SS

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