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Setup Affiliate Marketing Withdrawals
Setup Affiliate Marketing Withdrawals
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A withdrawal is a process of transferring money earned through the affiliate program to the affiliate's bank account or another payment method.

How do Affiliates request for withdrawal?

Step 1. Login to the store as an affiliate.

Step 2. Go to the affiliate page.

Step 3. Click on Affiliate Settings.

Step 4. Enter your Paypal email (affiliate’s) and click on the Save button.

Step 5. Click on My Withdrawals.

Step 6. Enter the amount in the field and click on the Send Request button.

A Request will be sent to the Store Owner.

How Store Owner approve the request?

Step 1. Login to AiTrillion .

Step 2. Go to Affiliate Program > Configuration .

Step 3. Enter the details from your Paypal account (Client Id and Secret Key) and click on the Save/Update button.

Step 4. Go to Affiliate Program > Manage Withdrawals .

Step 5. You can see the list of pending requests sent by the affiliates.

Step 6. You can approve or deny the request by clicking on the Pay or Cancel button accordingly.

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