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The way affiliates can provide discounts to their referral
The way affiliates can provide discounts to their referral
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Unlock growth potential by implementing a referral program. Learn how to set up enticing referral offers to incentivize customers and advocates, driving organic traffic and boosting sales. Setup referral offers in the affiliate program to incentivize every referral account sent.

Here are the steps for affiliates to provide discounts to their customers:

Step 1: Go to Affiliate program >> Referral offer

Step 2: Click on Create referral offer

Step 3: Fill the required details and click on Add offer

Step 4. The created discount rule will show up in the list.

Note📝: The discount rule can not be edited once created.

Step 5. The affiliate can create a discount based on the rule created by you.

Note📝: Affiliate can create their code or generate a random number by clicking on the Generate Discount Code link.

Step 6. The discount generated by the affiliates will show in the list.


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