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How To Create Affiliate Program?
How To Create Affiliate Program?
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Step 1. Login To AiTrillion .

Step 2. Go to Affiliate Program > Manage Programs .

Step 3. Click on the Create Program button in the top right corner.

Step 4. Fill the details in the form:

Program Name – Give the name of the program.

Status – Mark the status of the program.

Select Rule – Select a rule which you want to use in this program. How to Create a Rule?

Pay Commission – Select the value when you want to give the commission.

Commission Type – Select the commission type you want to give.

Group name – Enter a value for the group commission .

Step 5. Click on the Save button to save the program.

All programs will be listed as below on the program list page:

All enabled programs will show to the affiliates like this:

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