Check Web Push Reports
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Gain valuable insights into your web push campaign performance with AiTrillion's reporting feature. Explore how to access and interpret detailed campaign data on the web push dashboard, empowering informed decisions for future strategies.

Check your AiTrillion web push campaign details and performance through the web push dashboard page.

Here are the steps to check web push reports:

Step 1. Go to Web Push > Dashboard

Step 2. The dashboard page contains a list of all recent web push campaigns sent along with their summary, including:

  1. Total Sent: Total number of web push notifications sent.

  2. Total Impression: Number of subscribers who received push notifications.

  3. Click Rate: Number of subscribers who clicked on the push notification.

  4. Placed Order: Number of subscribers who placed an order after clicking on a push notification

  5. Total Revenue: Total revenue generated through the push campaign.

    However, if you click on 'View All', you can search for a specific campaign whose details you want to see, through the available search options or apply a Date Range filter to see campaigns sent on a particular date.

    Step 3. Once the search results are in, to be able to see campaign-specific details, click on the campaign name. You would be able to see your message, its channel, and a report of the sent impressions, click rate, orders created by the push and revenue brought in.


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