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What is Customer Timeline and how it works?
What is Customer Timeline and how it works?
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The customer timeline in AiTrillion provides a comprehensive view of the customer journey and helps businesses to understand the interactions and events that take place throughout the customer lifecycle. The customer timeline typically shows engagement from all modules including Email, Loyalty, Reviews, and Web Push, and displays information such as customer interactions, purchase history, and more.

In AiTrillion, businesses can use the customer timeline to:

  1. Track customer interactions: The customer timeline displays all customer interactions, including email activities, workflow engagement, loyalty activities, order updates, and many more, in chronological order.

  2. Monitor customer behavior: The customer timeline provides insights into customer behavior, including their purchase history and feedback, helping businesses to understand their customers better.

  3. Improve customer engagement: By tracking customer interactions, businesses can identify areas where they need to improve their engagement strategies and implement changes to better serve their customers.

  4. Enhance customer experience: The customer timeline provides businesses with a comprehensive view of the customer journey, enabling them to identify pain points and make improvements to the customer experience.

Follow the steps below to check or view the customer timeline:

Step 2. Click on Timeline for the customer whose timeline you want to check.

Step 3. A new screen will open where you will be able to see the customer overview.

Step 4. Click on the Timeline tab to see the customer timeline.

In conclusion, the customer timeline in Aitrillion provides businesses with a powerful tool to manage their customer relationships and improve customer satisfaction.


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