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ChatGPT in WebPush by AiTrillion
ChatGPT in WebPush by AiTrillion
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AiTrillion presents the ChatGPT Ai system integrated into Web Push. Now get easy to use Ai based suggestions from Chat GPT for your web push messages and subject lines.

Step 1: Login to AiTrillion and head over to the create a campaign feature in the Web Push module. Remember you can use any template from our pre-built templates as well.

Step 2: In the web push creation look for the ChatGPT Ai suggestion bulbs.

Step 3: Click on the bulb and tell AiTrillion Chat GPT what you need. Once done click on get suggestions.

Step 4: Select the option you like or get more suggestions.

Step 5: The option you select shall be pre-filled into the relevant area.

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