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How to show Product Recommendations in an Email Template
How to show Product Recommendations in an Email Template
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Send product recommendations directly to your customer’s inbox and increase the chances of a new sale and of repeat business as well!

Here's 3-minutes video to show product recommendations in an email template:


Step 1: Create a new email campaign by going to Email Marketing > Campaigns > Create

Step 2: Use the block-based editor to add a block. This block editor is visible, by hovering over any pre-existing block in a message or a template.

Step 3: Here, choose the products block, and then click add block.

Step 4: Choose the type of product recommendation you want to use. Note: For Shopify collection products you can use a pre-existing collection OR even make a new one, in Shopify, just for the purpose of recommending in this email.

Step 5: Ensure that the layout settings are exactly what you need and click save.

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