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Customize The Existing Newsletter Sign Up Popup
Customize The Existing Newsletter Sign Up Popup
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Use this blog to learn how you can customize an existing AiTrillion Newsletter Popup and change its look, feel, content and behavior.

Here's a quick 5-mins video of customizing the existing newsletter Sign up popup

Here are the steps to customize the existing newsletter signup popup:

Step 1: From the navigation bar go to Smart Popups > Create New > Newsletter Popup

Step 2: Use the three dots in the actions panel to edit any pre-existing newsletter popup.


In the edit mode, you can customize the popup in many different ways. The options include:

1: Design: Design the popup by changing text, font-styles, popup positioning, button colors, button text, and many other options that completely change the look and feel of your newsletter popup. You can also change the template of the popup by choosing a pre-existing template from the dropdown. These could be one's that you have created or one of AiTrillion's free templates!

2: Field: This option allows you to customize the fields in your newsletter popup. Most people choose the email option only since it is faster and allows for a quick entry, however, you can ask customers for other options and choose to make them optional or a compulsion.

3. Content: Using the content tab you can control what content your popup will contain and display to your customer. For example, you can change the image your popup has or the text to close the popup and more. You can also use the signup success message tab, to provide an instant discount code once a newsletter is subscribed to (In the event you are not using a welcome email)

Step 4. Remember to save your settings as you go along and also to turn on the popup if it is not on already.


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