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Setup of general settings in AiTrillion Membership
Setup of general settings in AiTrillion Membership
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This article will allow you to do and apply general settings in AiTrillion Membership module. General settings let you set up basic preferences and options for your membership module.

Here are the steps to take:

Step 1. Click on Membership >> Settings >> General settings

After clicking on General Settings, you will get several options to set up according to your convenience

By clicking the "Allow permission" button, you can allow extra permissions from Shopify to manage memberships and perks.

Note📝 Only needed if you are using other than the Shopify Dawn theme.

Further, you can enter the checkout button ID to automatically apply membership perks on the checkout page for members.

By entering the product form class to enable the adding membership product with product details add to cart button.

Do not forget to click on the save button for each setting.


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