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SMS templates for Shopify Stores
SMS templates for Shopify Stores

Start sending SMS from AiTrillion using SMS templates!

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AiTrillion offers a huge range of pre-made SMS templates for you to use. You can use these SMS templates on different occasions to run an SMS marketing campaign.

Step 1. Go to SMS Marketing >> SMS templates

Some of these include:

  1. Templates for Memorial day and Memorial weekend.

  2. Templates for early bird accesses, trending sales and live shopping events.

  3. Templates for flash sales, weekend sales, crowd favorites and live shopping events.

  4. Templates for abandoned carts and incentives on next purchase.

  5. Templates for BFCM, holiday events and so much more!

Incase you need a template that is not available, click on the Create button to make your own template.

Step 2. Click on the Create button.

Type in the data you need and check the preview, to see how it would potentially appear on a mobile screen.

Once you click on save, you will see a popup similar to the image below:


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