Gift code configurations
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Now, you can earn customer loyalty easily by offering gift codes! You can reward your customers based on their purchase actions on your eCommerce store.

It encourages your customers to make repeat purchases as they are rewarded for their loyalty. You must be thinking about how to make this happen. AiTrillion has it all that you need to automate your marketing processes.

A Gift code is like a discount code; you can simply create the codes from the admin section. Once customers use these codes, they will earn loyalty points.

To set up a Gift Code in Loyalty Earn Points, follow these steps:

Step 2: Navigate to the Upload Gift Codes tab.

Step 3: Download the sample CSV by clicking on the button "View Demo CSV".

Step 4: Fill the data in that CSV (Example screenshot given below).

🚨Please remove the dummy data which is available in the sample CSV

Step 5: Once a CSV is created, upload it by clicking on the Upload CSV button.

The imported CSVs will be shown below:

🚨Ensure that the Gift code bar is enabled

Step 6. Now, you can distribute the codes to your customers by any medium (email, messaging, call, etc.)

🚨One gift code can be used once. No one can use the same code again

The gift code concept is not built to send an email to existing customers, rather, it is used by brands to send the code in offline-shipped products with each order to each customer manually. Customers use this code and come online to earn points.


💡Tips for Loyalty Reward Program

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