Configure loyalty points expiry
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In this article, you'll gain insights into setting up the expiration of loyalty points and ensuring effective management and incentivization within your loyalty program.

Below are the steps to configure Loyalty Points Expiry:

Step 1: Go to Loyalty Rewards > Set up Program> Point Expire Setting. Make settings as per your requirements and click save/update. Remember to enable the feature from the top right corner of the screen!


1. The loyalty point expiry settings depend on the customer’s last order. Suppose someone’s points are about to expire and he places an order, then the count will start from 1 for him.

2. Any update in the point expiry setting will reset the point expiration date for all customers. For example, if the point expires in 90 days, after 60 days, it is reset to 180 days. So it will update for all customers’ point expiration dates. (including those customers whose points were about to expire in 30 days according to the previous setting)


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