Import Product Or Site Reviews
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AiTrillion allows you to easily import product and site / store reviews from other applications into AiTrillion via the CSV import method. Follow the steps below to import your reviews.

Here are the steps to import product or site review:

Step 2: Click on the “CSV template” to download the Sample CSV (an example of the required format).

Step 3: Fill in the data in the downloaded CSV. Then go back to the product review import screen in AiTrillion.

🗒️handle = URL handle
🗒️Featured = 1 - The review which you wish to keep on top
🗒️Verified = 1 - The person who has purchased the product

Step 4: Click on the Choose File and select that CSV file then click on Import Reviews.

📝 Follow the same steps to import the site reviews. However, in Step 1, instead of clicking on Product Reviews click on Site Reviews!


💡Tips for Product & Site review

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